Invacare HomeFill System w/ Conserver Cylinders Kit IOH200PPC


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MSRP: $3,497.00
(You save $849.00 )

The Invacare HomeFill II Oxygen Filling System includes the HomeFill II filling compressor IOH200, 2 cylinders, a carry bag and a Ready Rack stand.

The compact Homefill II revolutionizes ambulatory oxygen by allowing patients to fill their own Invacare Homefill II oxygen cylinders from Invacare PerfectO2 oxygen concentrators. With HomeFill II oxygen concentrators, providers virtually eliminate cylinder deliveries, reducing costs by three-to-one, and patients enjoy their freedom and independence with an unlimited supply of ambulatory oxygen. The HomeFill II Oxygen Filling System allows the patient to breathe at home from a continuous flow oxygen concentrator and then use a convenient ambulatory pack when they are "out and about."

The Patient Convenience Pack available for the HomeFill II oxygen concentrator system uses the latest in integrated pneumatic conserving technology for a 5-to-1 ratio while remaining lightweight. This new cylinder combines all the patient independence and provider cost savings realized with the HomeFill II delivery model plus carefree convenience and simplicity. The convenience pack requires no batteries, no cumbersome connection tubes, and uses a standard single lumen cannula. It allows the patient to quickly fill an ambulatory cylinder portible oxygen tanks and go where they want, when they want.

Homefill II Oxygen System Includes:

    • 1 each - IOH200 Homefill II Compressor
    • 1 each - IOH270 Homefill Ready Rack
    • 2 each - Homefill II Cylinders (with integrated conserver)
    • 1 each - Black nylon Cylinder Carrying Bag

Homefill Oxygen System includes your choice of either two M2, two ML4, two ML6 or two M9 size cylinders:

    • Each M2 cylinder provides up to 2 hours (setting 2, 20 bpm) and weighs 2 lbs.
    • Each ML4 cylinder provides up to 4.5 hours (setting 2, 20 bpm) and weighs 3.1 lbs.
    • Each ML6 cylinder provides up to 6.5 hours (setting 2, 20 bpm) and weighs 3.5 lbs.
    • Each M9 cylinder provides up to 10 hours (setting 2, 20 bpm) and weighs 4.8 lbs.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Connections and controls are designed to be easy to use
  • Patient can breathe from Invacare PerfectO2 V oxygen concentrator while filling cylinders
  • Virtually eliminates the high service costs of frequent delivery of cylinders or liquid oxygen
  • Gives ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence
  • Portable oxygen tank regulators use the latest in integrated pneumatic conserving technology with a built-in conserving device
  • HomeFill II compressor quickly fills portable cylinders
  • Added convenience of filling oxygen on own time
  • Conserver cylinder pulse settings 1 - 5 or 2 LPM continuous flow
  • Ready Rack easily attaches to top of Invacare PerfectO2 oxygen concentrators
  • M2 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 24 min.
  • ML4 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 55 min.
  • ML6/M6 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 75 min.
  • M9 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is 125 min.
  • Fill cylinders while patient continues to receive oxygen from concentrator

To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-956-6616

Physician's Prescription Required
For your convenience, you may have your physician fax the prescription to 800-956-6282
  • Provides greater freedom by filling oxygen cylinders at home
  • Compatible only with Invacare oxygen concentrators
  • Fills cylinders with oxygen produced from concentrator
  • Freely breathe from oxygen concentrator while filling cylinder
  • Includes two HomeFill II cylinders with integrated conserver, carry bag and ready rack
  • Conserver pulse settings 1 - 5 or continuous flow at 2 LPM
  • Multiple cylinder sizes available
Electrical Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.0 Amps
Power Consumption: 200 Watts
Inlet Pressure Rating: 14 - 21 PSI
Oxygen Output (from concentrator): 0 - 3 LPM (while filling cylinders)
Oxygen Input: 0 - 2 LPM
Cylinder Fill Time (avg.)
M2: 24 min.
ML4: 55 min.
ML6: 75 min.
M9: 125 min.
Cylinder Capacity
M2: 57 liters
ML4: 113 liters
ML6: 170 liters
M9: 255 liters
Cylinder Weight
M2: 2 lbs.
ML4: 3.1 lbs.
ML6: 3.5 lbs.
M9: 4.8 lbs.
Compressor Dimensions: 20.25"W x 15"H x 16"D
Compressor Weight: 33 lbs.
Limited Warranty
Homefill II Compressor: 3-year (or 5,000-hours) parts and labor on internal-wear components and control-panel components.
Homefill Cylinders: 1 year
Conserving Device: 2 years
Ready Rack: 1 year