Invacare MicroAIR MA1000 Advanced Alternating Pressure True Low Air Loss Mattress System


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MSRP: $9,100.00
(You save $4,751.00 )

The Invacare MicroAIR MA1000 Advanced 3-in-1 Alternating Pressure System combines True Low Air Loss and advanced clinical features, creating the ultimate solution for patient comfort and pressure relief for patients at medium to high risk of all stages of pressure sores.

  • Advanced 3-in-1 alternating function inflates and deflates cells in a 3:1 cycle, providing active pressure relief by supporting 2/3 of the body at any given time
  • Auto Set Mode automatically sets optimal pressure based on patient's weight, height and position for constant pressure monitoring
  • True Low Air Loss Therapy provides extra comfort for moisture and temperature control
  • Auto Fowler Mode safety feature can detect the pressure of patient's buttocks automatically and adjust pressure accordingly
  • HeelSense™ Technology can help provide further therapy and comfort by decreasing pressure in patient's vulnerable heel area
  • 60 second pulsation feature helps improve capillary blood circulation by continually readjusting to a level surface pressure
  • Integrated side bolsters can be inflated and deflated on demand
  • Patient Care Mode provides quick maximum inflation within seconds to aid with transfers and nursing procedures
  • Customizable cycle times to meet patient's varying needs
  • 10 adjustable comfort settings depending on the patient's therapy requirement
  • Soft nylon urethane backed cells provide easy cleaning and help minimize the proliferation of bacterial growth
  • Highly vapor permeable and oversized pliable quilted nylon top cover provides low shear, friction and moisture protection
  • Foam base helps prevent bottoming out in the event of a power failure
  • Nylon non-slip base cover helps reduce shear and friction during bed articulation
  • Cable management system keeps cords away from the ground to help prevent trip hazards
  • Audio and visual alarms warn the patient during power outage and low pressure
  • Compressor flow rate is 1275 LPM
  • Adjustable cycle times of 3 to 95 minutes
  • Mattress dimensions are 36"W x 80"L x 10"H
  • Weight capacity is 600 lbs.
  • Limited 1 year warranty on mattress and power unit


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  • True low air loss with pulsation and alternating pressure to prevent and treat pressure ulcers
  • 1275 LPM blower provides moisture and temperature control
  • Alternating pressure mode inflates and deflates air cells
  • Pulsation mode helps increase blood circulation
  • HeelSense™ technology helps decrease pressure in heel area
  • Auto fowler mode detects pressure of buttocks and adjusts pressure
  • Adjust firmness and cycle time for individual comfort
  • Integrated side bolsters prevent patient falls
  • Foam base in case of power failure
  • Fluid resistant, vapor permeable, low shear quilted cover
  • Mattress dimensions: 80"L x 36"W x 10"H
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
Electrical Power: 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz
Fuse Rating: T5AH, 250 V
Max Current: 3 A
Mode of Operation: Continuous
Min Operating Pressure: 8 +/- 6 mmHg
Max Operating Pressure: 35 +/- 6 mmHg
Max Flow Rate: 1275 LPM
Cycle Time: 3 - 95 min
Operating Conditions
Ambient Temperature: 59° - 95° F
Relative Humidity: 15% - 90% Non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure: 800 - 1060 hPa
Storage Conditions
Ambient Temperature: 41°F - 140° F
Relative Humidity: 15% - 90% Non-condensing
Size: 12.2"L x 6.7"W x 13.2"H
Weight: 13.7 lbs.
Cell Number: 18 cells
Cover Material: Vapor permeable
Nylon woven fabric w/ PU coating
Base Material: Woven polyester w/ PVC backing
Size: 80"L x 36"W x 10"H
Weight: 41 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
Limited Warranty
Power Unit: 1 year
Mattress: 1 year
Cover: 1 year