More than a store – it’s my dad’s legacy!

Matthew Voralik

Most businesses begin with a vision of profitability serving their customers. But not this business! My dad already had a profitable brick and mortar store selling home medical equipment in San Jose, CA. What he saw in the internet back in the late 1990’s was a way that people all over the country could conveniently shop for their home medical equipment needs. He knew first-hand how difficult it was for some of his customers to get to our store to make a purchase. Just getting out of the house was sometimes physically impossible for some folks; we’d see their friends or relatives come in and we’d help them find the right items, sometimes phoning back to the house to discuss options with the patient.

Life's already tough for our clients. We lowered prices to make it easier.

My Dad started American Discount Home Medical Equipment in May 2000. He was one of the pioneers in using the internet to connect home medical equipment customers directly with the manufacturers and distributors. By shipping direct from the manufacturer, he cut our overhead costs associated with stocking products in our warehouse – then he lowered the prices to help our many customers who were in the midst of challenging life situations.  

Hands-on experience with medical equipment as a child has proven invaluable for our customers today.

I grew up working in the brick and mortar store after school and during the summers. When most boys at my age were playing video games, watching television or tinkering with cars, I was assembling wheelchairs and hospital beds and showing people how to use all the things we sold in our store. I do the same thing today with our online customers. This also makes America Discount Home Medical uniquely qualified to select and recommend the best products for our customers.

I'm continuing on in Dad's footsteps to provide the best service, best products, and lowest price for our customers.

I joined American Discount Home Medical Equipment in 2003, working side by side with my Dad. My Dad then sold the brick and mortar business in 2006, as we focused solely on building the internet store until his sudden death in 2012. I took over running the internet store in 2012 with the promise to run this business just like my dad; with integrity and professionalism. While selling home medical equipment for the home pays our bills, the main focus here continues to be on providing a convenient and low-cost source of home medical equipment all done in a professional, courteous manner.

That’s the way Dad wanted it to be!

Our Mission

At American Discount Home Medical Equipment, we make every effort to carefully describe and show you the best quality discount home medical equipment and supplies!

With over 30 years of experience, these items have been carefully selected because they provide the user and caretaker the reliability, comfort and service expected. You can shop for home care products at our store with complete confidence because we care about your satisfaction, security and the privacy of your information.

Feel free to call us with any question, concern, need or to order at 800-956-6616. Also, please check out our Policies page for common answers to your questions.




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