American Discount Home Medical Equipment Accessibility and Equitable Use Statement

We are committed to providing equitable access and mindful of accessibility standards, user feedback, and support and accommodations for persons with disabilities. We advocate for equitable experiences in light of universal design to make more welcoming, accessible, and usable for all visitors and customers.

Access to any company’s website can be challenging for persons having certain disabilities. A person’s disability is often unique. What may work well for one person, may cause difficulties for another person. Our company has made significant efforts to accommodate as many of our customers and potential customers as is reasonable given our size, resources, and knowledge of our customers, and potential customer’s needs.

We have engaged the services of an accessibility and equitable use coordinator, technology professionals, and users with certain disabilities to test our website, assist and advise us in making improvements on an on-going basis.

Accessibility and Equitable Use on this Website
Our website provides several methods, features, and policies that can help with access to our website and/or to products or services provided or referred to on our website or by our business.

There are also various aids available by third parties and which are provided by most browsers.

If you are having difficulty with access to our website even after utilizing any access features within this website and/or any third party or browser features, we invite you to contact us for further assistance. Contact information is set forth below.

We anticipate that from time to time, within our resources, we will be making modifications to parts of our website, and possibly modifications to accessibility of our website.

Reasonable efforts toward improving seamless, accessible, and unhindered use of websites by customers and potential customers is generally a worthwhile goal. Moving closer to this goal will often depend on the knowledge the company has regarding any particular difficulties those using the website might encounter, as well as available resources and improvements with technology.

Despite the efforts we may have made regarding equitable use and accessibility, consistent with normal business practices for a company of or size and resources, some content, features, processes, or policies, may be improved, so we always welcome your suggestions.

Procurement and Third Party Applications
Our website may use third-party add-ons or “plug-ins” for certain functions, social media feeds, etc. These may not work or may not work the same for every user and/or every type of disability. Through testing, initially we discovered that some of the third-party plugins we had installed did not pass usability testing. We then requested third-party applications or content providers to ensure they provide accessibility and equitable use as part of universal design functionality. When they did not, we removed their plugins from our site and found an accessible and equitable-use alternative. 

It should be noted that we do not have control over the structure of these plugins, are unable to modify them at all or to the extent that would accommodate every user of our website, and as such, we are not responsible for those elements which we do not control. At any time, the third-party developers can, without us even knowing, make modifications to their code that might alter the usability outcome. Since we specifically looked for third-party developers who make accessibility a priority, we don't expect this to happen, but if it does, they would want to know, as do we. We request you to contact us and let us know if you encounter any such issues and we will contact the developer and work for immediate remediation. 

Our website has some video elements for educational or marketing purposes to help our customers make informed buying choices. We moved any that did not have close captioning enabled by the video owner. In most cases that would be the product manufacturer and we have no control over how those are processed in Youtube. Some videos might be montages of images with music and without any narration or dialogue. For our hearing and vision impaired, we've provided audio descriptions.  Each video will either have close captioning or text equivalent located next to the video. If you have any trouble understanding any of our videos, please let us know and we will fix the problem. 

We are Here for You
If you are experiencing difficulties with any content on our website because of a disability, or if you require assistance with any part of our site because of your particular disability, please contact us and let us know. We will be happy to assist. The telephone number for assisting persons with disabilities, including but not limited to blind and visually impaired persons, is 800-956-6616. 

You can also send an email, explaining in as much detail as possible, what type of difficulty you had, or may have had, or believe others may have.

These types of emails should be sent to with the subject to include the word Accessibility. Emails of that sort are given priority.

These calls and emails are addressed during normal work hours,10am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Note: if the email is sent to a third-party website or mail server for forwarding to us, the third-party website or mail servers does not itself read or respond to these emails, but will only forward such email to us without prior review.

In contacting us by telephone or email, your privacy will be strictly protected. This means that you will not be required to provide any personal information, including but not limited to your:

Name, address, telephone number, the specific type of disability you may have, information about goods, products, or services you might be interested in, email address (unless you include it in an email you send to us or to our representatives).

This website may or may not have links to third-party websites. A few third-party websites (which may or may not have a link or relation to this website) may have their own accessibility features. A number (but not all) links to descriptions of or information about third-party website features as provided by some of these third-party websites are listed here for your convenience. This website has not reviewed these statements by others and does not render an opinion on the accuracy of these statements.

For Google Products, including but not limited to:


Firefox Brower

Internet Explorer

Facebook Accessibility Policy

YouTube Accessibility Policy

Instagram Accessibility Announcement

Instagram Accessibility

Twitter Accessibility

LinkedIn Accessibility

Also, for reference, are the following, which this website has not reviewed or tested. By including these references, this website is not rendering an opinion on any statement made by any of these third parties or contained within any part of these links.

Third-Party Screen Readers:


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