Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds

Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds

Low price match and free shipping on bed rails for adjustable beds including rails for Tempurpedic beds*.

We also have rails for hospitable beds and bed rails for traditional home beds. 

Bed rails provide a hand-hold for getting in and out of bed as well as repositioning and turning in bed, and yes, you can install these on adjustable beds. They create a sense of security, and reduce the risk of patients falling out of bed.

What's the best bed rail for your adjustable bed?

Some bed rails are labeled as "portable," and as such were designed so that they can easily and quickly be added and removed from the bed by clipping on or slipping over the side of the bed. Others have parts that insert between the bed base and the mattress. Both of these types of portable adjustable bed rails can become loose or dislodged completely.

They may cost more, but the best and most secure adjustable bed rails need an anchor.

We prioritize safety in the adjustable bed rails we've chosen to sell. All Stander bed rails are anchored to the bed frame with straps. Installed correctly, they can not fall off. Neither can the person in bed fall out. 

The Flex-a-bed is different. Its plywood base requires Flex-a-bed's own bed rail that must be screwed into the plywood. 

While each type of adjustable bed rail may require a little more work to install (the Flex-a-bed's requiring a little more effort), the time and effort to do so, and the resulting benefit of increased safety, is worth the extra effort and the extra cost over other less secure and less safe portable options! 

If you're looking for the best and most secure bed rail for your adjustable bed, you can't go wrong with any of the choices in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bed rails do I need for a Tempurpedic bed?* 

Any of the Stander adjustable bed rails we carry should work fine. That's because the Tempurpedic bed has the same type of bed base that you can attach straps to. Check out the reviews on the Stander website and you'll see Tempurpedic owners giving Stander bed rails 5 stars. A customer favorite for Tempurpedic bed rails is the EZ Adjust by Stander.

Will the Stander adjustable bed rails work on all adjustable beds? 

Most likely yes for the same reason they will work on Tempurpedic beds. Check out the Youtube video that follows, starting at the 2 minute mark, to see how the Stander bed rails are installed on a bed. This is not an adjustable bed in this demonstration, but the installation is the same. The straps wrap around the bed base a mattress sits on which most, if not all, adjustable beds have.  

To our vision impaired visitors:

This video is a visual demonstration on how to assemble and install the bed rails. We place it here to help buyers see if they will work on their beds. Unfortunately, for our vision impaired visitors it will not be helpful. Please call, use live chat or email and we will personally assist you in choosing the right rails. But to repeat, as long as your adjustable bed has a base that you can wrap the straps around to secure the rails, it will be fine.

Will Medicare cover a bed rail for an adjustable bedl? 

This gets back to whether or not Medicare will cover an adjustable bed, and the answer is likely no because "adjustable beds" are not the same as hospital beds which are covered by Medicare – that is, unless you can make a case with Medicare that you absolutely need an adjustable bed. Our advice is, don't count on it.  Our advice also is don't believe everything you read online on insurance provider websites. They are quite often ignorant regarding the differences between the two types of "adjustable" beds. 

Are these bed rails safe for children? 

For older children, yes; for babies and toddlers, no. We recommend mesh bed rails for them. We do not carry mesh rails. The rails we carry are mainly for adults, and in particular, the elderly or those who might be more prone to fall out of bed.

Are bed rails safe for the elderly? 

According to the FDA (link opens in a new window), "Entrapment can occur when a person is trapped by the bed rail in a position they cannot move from. This trapping can occur when the rail is not held securely against the mattress and the individual falls between the rail and the mattress, between the supports, within or under the rail." The FDA cautions using bed rails for those suffering from delirium or dementia who may become confused and attempt to climb over the rails to get out of bed and then fall, or those with physical limitations such that they would not be able to remove themselves from an entrapped position.  

This is exactly why we will not sell "portable" bed rails. The risk for entrapment is significantly reduced with Stander and Flex-a-bed adjustable bed rails because of the way they are installed. Caution is in order, however. Know the limitations of the patient before you buy. 

Is there a certain type of mattress that is safer to use with bed rails?

Yes. There is a much greater risk of entrapment when using bed rails with a soft mattress. 

Stander describes how to test this on their website. We quote them here: "Test your mattress by taking your fist and applying about 12lbs (5.4kg) of weight on the edge of the mattress. If the mattress is soft enough that you can compress the mattress by about 2in (51cm) when applying 12lbs (5.4kg) of weight, do not use this product without the Bed Rail Safety Guard." To learn more, visit (link opens in new window)

We do not sell the Safety Guard they recommend. You can purchase it on their website. We prefer to recommend that you purchase a firmer mattress. Soft mattresses do not support your spine well and can cause joint pain and restless sleep. If your mattress is too soft, it may be time to replace it. Check out any one of our Flexabed adjustable beds for new mattress options in the product option section. Then call or live chat with us if you want to know more. We will let you know if it will fit on your adjustable bed. Then you can place an order over the phone if you like. Don't forget to take advantage of our low-price matching! 

How should bed rails be properly used and installed to prevent injury? 

Bed rails were designed to prevent injury from falling out of bed, but they can also cause injury if they are not properly installed and then maintained. 

  • When installing bed rails, make sure there are no gaps between the mattress and the edge of the bed rail and that the bed rails is securely attached to that it doesn't become loose. This can prevent entrapment between the bed and the rail.
  • Frequently check the rails to make sure they did not become loose.
  • Buy wisely. Gaps between bars should NOT be large enough for the person using them to fit their arm or head inside.
  • Seniors should be able to leave their bed safely even with the bed rail up. In some states, it’s illegal to use a bed rail that prevents a senior from freely leaving their bed.
  • Make sure the bed rails are kept in good condition. Injuries can be prevented by making sure damaged bed rails are either repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Keep the bed rails firmly in the upright position when in use, and put them down when they are not needed.



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