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ADULT WALKERS & WALKING AIDS for Elderly and Handicapped

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3-Wheel Walkers • 4-Wheel Walkers • Crutches • Rollators  

Everything comes with a low price guarantee and free shipping!

Walkers and rollators can make a big difference in the ability of a mobility impaired person to walk or any other activity that might be too much of a challenge otherwise. We proudly sell a wide variety of Lumex, Winmed®, Nova®, Probasics, Lifestyle Mobility®, Drive® and Invacare® adult walking aids, walkers and rollators because we believe they offer the best quality at an affordable discount price. 

Sort these adult walking aids:

  • Walking Aids - Include crutches, canes, forearm crutches, quad canes
  • 2-Wheel Walkers - Two front wheels help assist walking without picking up the walker
  • 3-Wheel Walkers - Improved maneuverability without the added stability, or seat to rest on, of a four-wheel walker
  • 4-Wheel Walkers - Seat and locking hand brakes for resting, front wheels swivel for ease of turning
  • Knee Walkers - Ideal for individuals recovering from any lower leg surgery or injury
  • Heavy Duty Walkers - Walker and rollators with more than 300 lb weight capacity

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