Multiple lengths, folding & portable for moving wheelchairs & scooters over stairs or into vehicle

Wheelchair Ramp • Folding Ramp • Portable Ramp • Threshold Ramps

We sell a variety of portable, folding and threshold ramps for wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and medical scooters that offer the best quality at an affordable discount price. Invacare, Drive MedicalEZ-Access and Prairie View Industries all manufacture ramps for all types of need.

Invacare and Drive Medical ramps are designed for ease of use and durability. These folding ramps offer an economic alternative to the motorized lift. They are ideal for both manual and power wheelchairs, as well as 3- or 4-wheel scooters. Plus, they are extremely lightweight for effortless transport. EZ Access portable and threshold ramps are dependable, durable and made in the USA. Their portable ramps are lightweight, compact, and versatile ramp designs help to make barriers against independence and accessibility a thing of the past.

A wheelchair or scooter ramp is designed to transition a wheelchair or scooter from one surface height to another. The recommended loaded incline ratio for a portable or threshold ramp is no less than 6:1. The incline ratio is determined by the total vertical climb (straight up and down) divided by the total distance from the incline origin to the highest point. For instance, if the total vertical climb is 12 inches than at least a 6 foot ramp length is recommended when a person is on the wheelchair or scooter. Check the specific manufacturer owners manual to determine the exact incline recommended by the manufacturer.

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