Bedside & 3-in-1 Commodes

Use 3 ways: Bedside, Elevated Seat Over Toilet, or for Arm Rails Over Toilet

We offer a wide selection of commode chairs including these bedside commodes and  3-in-1 commodes (also called all-in-one commodes) for seniors, the handicapped and infirm.

All-in-one, 3-in-1 or bedside commodes are used to aid in toileting by assisting a person who has difficulty getting to the bathroom by bringing the toilet into the bedroom. The 3-in-1, or all in one, aspects of the commode refer to the three ways it can be used:

  1. Bedside toilet in the bedroom
  2. Elevated toilet seat when placed over the toilet
  3. Safety arm rails when placed over the toilet
Using the 3 in 1 commode over an existing toilet, like a raised toilet seat with arms, raises the seat height and assists the user in standing. Most all commodes and bedside commodes are adjustable in height and include a removable pail. Additional features may include a padded seat, elongated seat, oversized seat, increased weight capacity and/or splash guard for over the toilet use.

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