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Oxygen Concentrators & Pulse Oximeters

The Platinum 5 IRC5LXO2 by INVACARE®, five liter AS005-4 New Life® Elite by AirSep®, and the three liter 303DS by DeVilbiss® oxygen concentrators offer the best quality at an affordable discount price.

The compact Venture Homefill II Ambulatory Package IOH200IIPC by INVACARE® revolutionizes ambulatory oxygen by allowing patients to fill their own cylinders from their Invacare 5 liter O2 concentrator.

Patients who have trouble getting enough oxygen from breathing air can be assisted by breathing pure oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is an electric machine that provides pure oxygen by concentrating it from the air. It takes the place of large five foot tall oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen cannisters which continually need to be exchanged or refilled.

The oxygen delivery rate can be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient by setting the flow meter. Delivery rates rang from 1/2 or 1 liters per minute up to 3 or 5 liters per minute depending on the model. A five year extended parts and labor warranty is included.

INVACARE®, AirSep®, and DeVilbiss® manufacture medical oxygen concentrators for use by the disabled, handicapped, elderly, or other breathing impaired person in the convalescent hospital, skilled nursing or assisted living facility, or in a home care environment. The Venture Homefill II ambulatory oxygen package allows patients to save money while improving their quality of life and enhancing their mobility with home-filled portable oxygen cylinders.


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Platinum 5 IRC5LXO2 by INVACARE® 1  Platinum 5 Oxygen Concentrator IRC5LXO2 by INVACARE® This highly reliable unit is loaded with features and requires little maintenance. Its trouble free technology and ease of service make it very efficient.
Weighs 51 lbs. (with OSD)
Delivery rate is 0.5-5.0 liters per minute
Includes the OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device)
Sound level is 50dbA (dbAverage)
Power consumption is 400 watts average
Warranty is 5 years

Venture HomeFill II  Ambulatory Package IOH200PC by INVACARE® 2  Venture HomeFill II Ambulatory Package IOH200PC by INVACARE®
Enhances patient mobility and quality of life!

Simply and safely compresses oxygen from a specially equipped Invacare 5 liter concentrator into portable cylinders. Allows the patient to breathe at home from a continuous flow concentrator and then use a convenient ambulatory pack when away from home.

Weighs 33 lbs.
ML6/M6 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is: 1 hr. 25 min.
M9 Cylinder filling time (avg.) is: 2 hr. 20 min.
Power consumption is 200 watts
Compressor warranty is 3 years (5000 hrs.)

NewLife elite oxygen monitor 3  AS005-4 New Life® Elite Oxygen Concentrator by AirSep®
The AS005-4 New Life® Elite by AirSep® features the lowest power consumption of all 5-liter concentrators with time proven reliability and is designed for quieter, smooth operation.



Weighs 54 lbs. (with OSD)
Delivery rate is 1-5 liters per minute
Includes the OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device)
Sound level is 47-48dbA (dbAverage)
Power consumption is 350 watts average
Warranty is 5 years parts and labor

303DS by DeVilbiss® 4  303DS by DeVilbiss®
DeVilbiss® has taken the world's most reliable pressure-vacuum system and downsized it into the lightest, most compact and easy to transport three-liter concentrator available with OSD included. This model is exceptionally small and light making it ideal for those who require a unit they can travel with, who do not have much space for a concentrator, or who cannot carry a heavier unit.

Weighs 38 lbs. (with OSD)
Delivery 1/2 - 3 liters per minute
Includes the OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device)
Sound level is 49dbA (db Average)
Power consumption is 225 watts average
Warranty is 5 years parts and labor
Pulse Oximeter IRC 700 by INVACARE® 5  Pulse Oximeter IRC 700 by INVACARE®
Now the convenience of a hand-held pulse oximeter is available from Invacare©. This high-performance patient monitoring system provides fast, accurate readings on any patient from infant to adult in a home care setting.

Oxygen Conserving Device PD4000 by DeVilbiss® 6  Oxygen Conserving Device PD4000 by DeVilbiss®
Featuring PulseDose® technology, the PD4000 offers true 4:1 savings, meaning each oxygen cylinder will last up to four times longer. The PD4000 can be used on most portable oxygen cylinders and features an audible alarm, impact-resistant casing, eleven common settings and a 3-year warranty.

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fax the prescription to 800-956-6282

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