• Easy Living Bittersweet
  • Easy Living Anchor
  • Easy Living Sandstorm
  • Easy Living Oxford
  • Easy Living Port
  • Brisa Coffee Bean
  • Easy Living Sandstorm
  • Maxi Comforter Lift Chair Recliner PR535 by Golden
  • Optional Heat & Massage remote
  • Maxi Comforter Lift Chair Recliner PR535 by Golden
  • Optional Footrest Extension adds 5" to the end of the legrest
  • Easy Living Fabrics
  • Torres High Performance Fabrics
  • Anli Urethane Fabrics
  • Brisa Fabrics
  • Maxi Comforter Lift Chair Recliner PR535 by Golden
  • Maxi Comforter Lift Chair Recliner PR535 by Golden
  • TV Viewing
  • Zero Gravity
  • Easy Living Anchor
  • Easy Living Bittersweet
  • Easy Living Oxford
  • Easy Living Port
  • Easy Living Sandstorm
  • Torres Carbon
  • Torres Limestone
  • Torres Shale
  • Microsuede Bourbon
  • Microsuede Smoke
  • Anli Chestnut
  • Anli Cobalt
  • Anli Eclipse
  • Anli Geranium
  • Brisa Beet Root
  • Brisa Black Onyx
  • Brisa Bridle
  • Brisa Buckskin
  • Brisa Coffee Bean
  • Brisa Cream
  • Brisa Iron
  • Brisa Night Navy
  • Brisa Saddle
  • Brisa Shiitake

Maxi Comforter Lift Chair Recliner PR535 by Golden

Golden Technologies | PR535

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2 zone comfort system ••• Independent seat and backrest control ••• Zero gravity ••• Multiple sizes ••• Pocketed coil seat ••• 5 fabric types, 22 colors ••• Holds up to 375 lbs. ••• Stock fabrics leave within 2 business days

Looking for an optimal fit in lift chairs and nothing seems right?

image showing 2 zones of comfort

Then consider the PR535 by Golden because it comes in 4 different sizes from short to tall, narrow to wide! And with our free and quick delivery service, you can get this product within a week! 

As with all lift chairs, the PR535 easily raises to a standing position and gently lowers to a seated position. Its whisper-quiet motors won't disturb anyone in the household.  So for senior and others with mobility issues, the PR535, like all of Golden's lift chair recliners, is an excellent choice for improving your quality of life. 

Two zone upper and lower body positioning  

The PR535 utilizes the Comfort 2 Zone system that provides ergonomic placement of your lower body and upper body, allowing your muscles to relax for long-lasting comfort. The comfort zones can be adjusted using Golden’s AutoDrive™ hand control. 

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Golden Power Lift Recliner Comfort Zones

[Music] How important is comfort to you? Golden Technology specializes in unique and individualized comfort by offering a patented five-zone system designed to get you into your comfort zone.

[woman sits in the chair and used control to raise the feet and lower the back]

Zone one offers ergonomic positioning for your lower body, thanks to the independent movement of the footrest combined with the patented four-way motion of the seat. The up and down seat movement provides cradling support to your lower body while encouraging a natural bend in your knee.

When the seat is all the way up, the forward and backward movement minimizes the gap between the back and the seat, providing extra support and reducing shear from the lower back.

[closeup showing the lower back area with minimal gap with the help of yellow arrows]

This unique lower body placement helps provide relief from muscle and joint pain in your lower back and hips, allowing you to elevate your legs and feet to encourage circulation, whether you're reading a book, watching a movie, or taking an afternoon nap.

[picture showing zone 2 positioning]

Zone two allows you to adjust the backrest independently from the seat and footrest.

[woman reclines chair to zone 2 position. Picture shows button on control to achieve this position.]

This zone helps release stress and strain from your upper body by supporting your back and shoulders while in the TV-watching position.

[woman raises back to TV-watching position. Picture of control shows a TV button] 

It evenly distributes your body weight with positive pressure in the zero-gravity position, providing a gratifying stretch to your lower back and promoting circulation.

[woman reclines to zero-gravity position. Feet are above head. Picture shows ZG button on the control.]

In the Trendelenburg position, relax with a customized head and neck support from zone three.

[picture showing zone 3 with headrest]

This zone contains an adjustable headrest that provides layers of cushion support as it glides upward to cradle your head and encourage the natural shape of your spine.

[the headrest moves forward]

This customized support allows for the tension to release from your neck and shoulders while placing your head in the exact position you need without strain.

[picture on zone 4 highlighting the lumbar region]

The adjustable lumbar in zone 4 offers custom and firm support when you need it most.

[woman reclines back while reading phone]

Many people can relate to back pain and at times have wished for more back support while relaxing or napping. More support in your lumbar area can take pressure off your spine while giving your back muscles the chance to rest and rejuvenate.

[woman is in full recline]

[Music] Tilt your way to a state of tranquility by activating the patented twilight technology in zone five.

[picture of zone 5 position. Woman uses control to bring rotate the back up and the foot rest down in sync.]

This tilting motion allows for even more positioning options and offers a feeling of weightlessness you can't find in any other recliner. Encourage circulation and reduce swelling by relaxing with your legs elevated in the rejuvenate position or relieve body pain and release muscle tension with neutral posture in the lounge position.

Comfort zone positioning can be found on several different Golden models. 

Pocketed coil seat gives you the best in comfort and durability

This lift chair boasts a pocketed coil seat. Each spring glides up or down independently to give your body consistent, reflective seat support. Pocketed coil springs also keep your seat looking great year after year! Every time you get up, the springs expand and press upwards, maintaining the seat’s shape and eliminating sagging. picture showing twilight positioning

Reduce spinal and joint pressure with zero gravity positioning

PR535 uses MaxiComfort technology to offer multiple recline positions including zero gravity but not Twilight positioning.  

How does zero gravity compare with Trendelenburg? 

The zero Gravity position raises the footrest and tilts the seat back to simulate weightlessness. It is designed to distribute the user's weight evenly and reduce pressure on the spine and joints. 

Trendelenburg position refers to a reclining position in which the chair's seat is tilted back and the footrest is raised so that the user's feet are higher than their head. It is often used as a therapeutic feature to help relieve swelling and improve circulation in the legs and feet. 

If you need more positions such as what the Twilight feature offers you with its infinite and zero gravity positions, click back to the “Power Lift Chair Recliners” category page and use our “Special Features” filter to sort out those with “Twilight.”  

What is MaxiComfort positioning? 

Our patented MaxiComfort Positioning provides ergonomic support thanks to the four-way motion of the seat combined with the independent movement of the back. This unique movement provides extra support to your lower back and can provide relief to muscle and joint pain.


[Picture with text]

You may have heard Golden talk about their patented positioning technology on their MaxiComfort chairs and how it's better than everyone else. What makes Golden MaxiComfort chairs so special? Well, let me break it down for you.

[A woman in a purple shirt and white pants reclines back in the chair to achieve infinite positioning with the help of a hand control.]

Many power lift recliners have the capability to move the headrest and footrest independently, something often referred to as "infinite position." Golden MaxiComfort allows for infinite positioning, but you're not left with that uncomfortable gap between the seat and the headrest.

[The gap between the seat and the headrest is shown with a red arrow in the picture]

This gap is something you often see with other power lift recliners and can cause extreme discomfort.

[A woman's hand puts a roll over neck pillow in the gap]

Also, once you find your perfect position, our technology will help you stay in that position effortlessly.

So what makes Golden MaxiComfort better?

[The woman glides into zero gravity position with the help of an upward movement of the motion box and her feet elevated with a slight bend in her knees]

As you glide into our zero gravity position, you'll notice the seat, otherwise referred to as the "motion box," rises to provide cradling support for your hips and back.

No other recliner in the world offers this patented positioning.

You'll also notice that because of the movement of the motion box, the footrest is encouraging and supporting a slight bend in your knee.

This supported bend can take any unneeded pressure off your lower back, allowing your back and hips to experience rejuvenating comfort that couldn't be achieved otherwise.

[Picture with text showing how the chair gets into a lay flat position like a flat board]

Other infinite positioning recliners simply put you in a lay-flat position as flat as a board, offering no ergonomic support.

[Woman reclines in a lay-flat position with control in her hand]

Golden's positioning provides a supported lay-flat position, which places your body in zero gravity and can increase circulation.

[The woman brings her feet together and her legs are raised]

The patented upward movement of the motion box can also be experienced in TV position for upright relaxation.

[The woman reclines back in the chair, her head tilting backwards as her legs are raised above the level of her head]

The Trendelenburg position also elevates your feet above your heart to provide a gratifying stretch to your lower back, a position that was once only available on expensive inversion therapy machines.

[Picture shows a man demonstrating Trendelenburg's position on inversion therapy machine with his head down and legs raised]

Placing the feet above the heart is also the ideal position for leg elevation to reduce swelling and maximize blood flow.

[The woman’s body position is shown with a thin and long yellow line when her legs are raised again and her head tilts back on the power pillow as she breathes in]

In addition to this patented position, Golden's Power Pillow articulating headrest is available on select models to bring your support and comfort to the next level.

[A hand grasps the control with various buttons on it, the index finger extends when pressing one of the buttons]

Once you discover the ideal comfort positions, our exclusive Auto Drive hand control will remember those positions quietly.

[The woman is slowly going into the lift position where the chair positions her body to stand up]

As you enter the lift position, you'll notice that Golden's lift positioning won't dump you out of your chair like others in the industry. Only Golden's lift position will help you stand easily without putting added stress on your knees and hips.

[Picture showing a sewing machine with a woman sewing fabric]

Made by Americans and backed by an industry-leading warranty, Golden MaxiComfort's patented positioning is the only one of its kind and can never be duplicated.

[A man is relaxing in the chair while a woman brings him tea and snacks]

[Picture with text patented positioning by Golden]


5 fabric types and 22 colors 

Golden’s Easy Living chenille fabric comes standard in a choice of 5 colors. For an additional fee, and if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for delivery, you also have the option to have the chair built for you in either of the other 4 types of fabrics that Golden offers.

Click on the fabric swatches tab for more detailed information. Chairs in the standard fabric are often in stock and can be shipped the same day.  

Variety of sizes for better fit 

The main difference between the sizes is found in the floor-to-seat height, seat width, seat depth, and seat to back height for Small, Medium, Large and Tall. The seat width and eat depth is the same for Small and Medium but more for Large and Tall. Please see specifications to see all measurements. 

Small/Petite (PSA)

  • Floor to seat height: 20"
  • Seat width: 21"
  • Seat depth: 19"
  • Seat to back height: 26"

Medium (MED)

  • Floor to seat height: 20"
  • Seat width: 21"
  • Seat depth: 19"
  • Seat to back height: 27"

Large (LAR)

  • Floor to seat height: 21"
  • Seat width: 23"
  • Seat depth: 21"
  • Seat to back height: 29"

Tall (TAL)

  • Floor to seat height: 23"
  • Seat width: 23"
  • Seat depth: 21"
  • Seat to back height: 31"

Note: The abbreviation in parenthesis is used in the options when you go to place your order.   

Golden's Auto-Drive Controller

Every feature of the AutoDrive™ hand control has been purposefully added to ensure personalized comfort and optimal wellness positioning options, available through easy-to-use features, making operating your recliner a breeze.

Button Programmability

The buttons that make up the Position Control portion of the AutoDrive hand control can be reprogrammed by the user so that perfect position can be found again and again without hassle.

SmartTek® Diagnostics to save valuable repair time 

The AutoDrive hand control is an important part of the SmartTek system, a patented self-diagnostic system that communicates the electrical health of the recliner using a series of LED lights. If power to the chair is lost, the user will know immediately by looking at the hand control. SmartTek notifies the user if there is an electrical malfunction with their chair, helping technicians to diagnose the issue quickly and easily over the phone, saving valuable repair time! SmartTek gives the repair technician a better understanding of what parts they need to repair the chair before leaving the office.  


Golden AutoDrive Training Video

This video will overview the benefits of the Auto Drive hand control. It's found on Golden's Maxi Comfort series power recliners. Maxi Comfort is a patented seating system that includes technology that no other manufacturer in the world can offer in a power recliner.

Our positions are achievable thanks to our patented motion box that rises to give your body a supported lay-flat position. Other chairs offer a lay-flat position that can leave you as flat as a board and can also have an uncomfortable gap between the seat and the headrest.

Not only do our chairs offer patented positions, but our Auto Drive hand control can put you into programmed positions with just the push of one button. This system drives multiple motors in the chair, many at the same time. Other chairs require you to move the footrest and backrest independently.

Our Auto Drive hand control and patented positioning will put you in your favorite position every time. The Auto Drive hand control system has three groups of control buttons, including Total Control, Position Control, and Custom Control.

Depending on your chair model, the Position Control buttons can have arrows for either up and down head pillow adjustment or right and left arrow buttons, which can activate the cradle on our Maxi Comfort with Twilight positioning system.

For this demo video, we'll just highlight the standard positions and unique programming capabilities of the Auto Drive hand control. You can reprogram any of the Position Control buttons. For example, when seated, press and hold the pre-programmed TV button until the chair stops in the TV position. This position comes pre-programmed from the factory. But say your TV's higher up the wall, then use the back down arrow in the Custom Control set of buttons to easily program your favorite positions in the chair.

Just press and hold the M or Memory button until the light blinks. Now, press the TV button you wish to program. You can do this for all other positions on the chair, like our patented Zero Gravity position. To achieve this position, simply press and hold the Z G button until the chair stops. This brings it to the pre-programmed Zero Gravity position. Again, from here, you can use the Custom Control buttons to fine-tune your favorite position.

If you'd like to reprogram this new position into the Z G button, repeat the programming steps as follows: just press and hold the M or Memory button until the light blinks, then press the Z G button to program.

There are truly infinite positions in our chairs, anyone programmable, but here are just a few of the most common and unique positions. By using the Total Control up or down arrows, you can sit or stand with these. The Trendelenburg position places your feet above your heart to provide a gratifying stretch to your lower back. It can also help with swelling and edema in the lower extremities by allowing the lymph system to drain.

To get to the Trendelenburg position, first press and hold the pre-programmed Z G position until the chair stops. Then use the back down arrow button to lower the backrest until your feet are above your heart.

As always, all Golden power recliners are made by Americans and backed by the industry's best warranties.


Other features 

  • Full chaise seat and leg pad support for total body comfort 
  • Exclusive AutoDrive hand control features pre-programmed memory buttons for Zero Gravity, TV, Sit and Sleep positions.
  • Extended arms for better ease of use 
  • Battery back-up system brings chair from reclined to the seated position in the event of a power outage (batteries not included) 
  • USB charging port 
  • Side pocket for extra storage 
  • Headrest cover included 
  • Non-skid leg levelers for extra stability and safety to avoid slipping

Want to learn more about the features? Experts from American Discount Home Medical Equipment are ready and happy to help always!

Optional "Straight-Up" lift 

An optional feature of this chair is the "Straight-Up" lift if you prefer to be lifted to a completely straight-up standing position instead of the tilted position.   

Optional luxurious heat and massage system featuring: 

  • Three different massage zones: one across the lumbar (lower back area) and two in the seat 
  • Four massage motors provide relief to stiff, tired and strained muscles 
  • 15 and 30-minute massage timers 
  • Activate any of the massage zones while in Wave or Pulse massage settings 
  • Independently adjustable massage intensity and speed settings 
  • Independent 30-minute heat timer 
  • Soothe back muscles with our warming heat system 
  • Low and high heat settings 

Optional footrest extension 

The footrest extension adds an additional 5" of length to the lift chair when the chair is fully reclined. Ordering the footrest will require at least an additional 2 weeks to your delivery.

Why choose Golden? 

Let Golden Technologies take all the worry out of purchasing a lift/recliner. Their expert craftsmen blend the finest components with superior designs to provide you with the utmost quality, comfort and style. They confidently stand behind all our products and provide you with the best warranties in the industry. Choose the lift/recliner that all others are measured against... choose Golden! 

  • Handcrafted by Americans using decades of motion furniture experience 
  • Designed to perform year after year using advanced technology backed by the best warranty in the industry 
  • Proudly made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts 
  • Meets California safety code Cal 117 

FREE 1-Year In-Home Service Warranty included and more! 

The Golden Service Warranty is a value-added product which, if necessary, covers all costs of the replacement part, labor to diagnose the problem and replace the part, and freight to ship the part during the life of the Service Warranty. Golden guarantees to get the item repaired or replaced at Golden's expense, while making every effort to do so in the customer's home, as long as the problem is not deemed customer abuse. All work is done by a local service center approved by Golden to service the item. 

See the Specifications tab for more warranty information.  

Delivery Options 

  • FREE curbside delivery requires meeting the driver on the street (driver will not take inside residence) 
  • Optional doorstep delivery includes delivery to the front door of the residence (driver will not set up) 
  • Optional white glove delivery includes in-home delivery and set up (extra charge) 

Certain Zip Codes considered Rural require an additional charge to the standard white glove delivery fee.

Manufacturer Resources 

Need help with your purchase? Feel free to contact through live chat or call us!  

Fabric Swatches

Fabrics and Colors

Please scroll through product images in the slider above to get a close up view. 


The Easy Living fabric has a modern, updated look to match just about any home decor. It includes Golden's exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. Not only does that increase resistance to stains, it adds a luxurious "soft to the touch" feel to the fabric. 

Easy Living Anchor


Easy Living Bittersweet


Easy Living Oxford


Easy Living Port


Easy Living Sandstorm




The new High-Performance Torres fabric with Alta™ technology is perfect for heavy-duty or high-traffic seating and much more!

Torres Benefits

  • Total liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains
  • Exceptional cleanability reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents
  • Durablock™ liquid barrier provides breathable protection
  • 10-year warranty on all high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology (labor not included)

Video title here       

Transcription here


Torres Color Swatches

Torres Shale

Shale Fabric Swatch

Torres Limestone


Torres Carbon




Microsuede fabric is a stylish alternative to suede with wonderful advantages. Composed of millions of microfibers, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather, but none of its drawbacks. Long lasting and stain resistant, this faux suede fabric is perfect for furniture that will see a high volume of use or spills. It’s 100% vegan, but looks and feels like the real thing. With a stylish look and two gorgeous color options, these fabrics will be a welcome addition to any décor. Our microsuede fabrics come standard on select Golden power lift recliners. 

Microsuede Bourbon


Microsuede Smoke




Optional Anli urethane vinyl covers feature a subtle sheen and a leather-like grain pattern in gorgeous colors certain to complement any decor. It's highly durable and provides the most realistic imitation of leather. The composite material and polyurethane coating make this fabric water resistant, flexible and lightweight. Unlike vinyl, there is no cracking or peeling. It remains soft and supple. 

Anli Chestnut


Anli Cobalt


Anli Eclipse


Anli Geranium



Optional Ultrafabrics Brisa™ fabric available in multiple colors

Supple Brisa® fabrics offer the refined look of leather, but in a luxuriously soft, breathable and temperate design. With an extensive selection of lovely colors to choose from, it will never stick to you or feel too hot or too cold. Its soft and luxurious faux leather, polyurethane fabric was designed with a unique ventilation system that enables it to breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable. 

This beautiful fabric is scratch proof and easy to clean and disinfect so it always stays looking new! These fabrics are double rubbed 300,000 times to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. The subtle grain pattern is created through a natural process that simulates the supple surface of genuine leather.

They are so sure of the quality of this fabric that Golden offers a Lifetime Warranty on all Brisa fabrics!*

Not only is Brisa® fabric the most innovative fabric of its kind, the company that designed it, Ultrafabrics, is highly focused on green initiatives. They have implemented a new distillation process, which has reduced total freshwater use by up to 10%. Ultrafabrics also has a long-term commitment to eliminating waste across manufacturing, unsold inventory, and product returns.

Brisa Benefits

  • Stain, scratch and blemish resistant
  • Clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather
  • Superior comfort in all climate conditions — stays cooler than leather in warm weather conditions
  • Resists cold weather stiffening and cracking
  • Cleans effortlessly with soap and water
  • Lifts most stains with alcohol-based household cleaning solutions
  • *Limited Lifetime Warranty, as long as normal use is maintained (labor not included)

Title of the video here

Optional Anli urethane vinyl covers feature a subtle sheen and a leather-like grain pattern in gorgeous colors certain to complement any decor. It's highly durable and provides the most realistic imitation of leather. The composite material and polyurethane coating make this fabric water resistant, flexible and lightweight. Unlike vinyl, there is no cracking or peeling. It remains soft and supple.

Fabric Swatches

Brisa Cream

Brisa Cream

Brisa Bridle

Brisa Bridle

Brisa Coffee Bean

Brisa Coffee Bean

Brisa Buckskin

Brisa Beet Root

Brisa Beet Root

Brisa Night Navy

Brisa Night Navy

Brisa Black Onyx

Brisa Black Onyx

Brisa Iron


Brisa Saddle


Brisa Shiitake


Brisa Arctic

Brisa Ranchwood

  • Comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Tall
  • 2-zone comfort system with independent seat and backrest control
  • Preset buttons including Zero gravity
  • Holds up to 375 lbs.
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Specification Petite/Small Medium Large Tall
Overall Width: 32" 32" 34" 34"
Overall Height: 40" 42" 43" 48"
Seat Width: 21" 21" 23" 23"
Seat Depth: 19" 19" 21" 21"
Seat to Floor Height: 20" 20" 21" 23"
Seat to Back Height: 26" 27" 29" 31"
Seat to Arm Height: 6" 5" 6" 6"
Seat Angle Raised: 15° 15° 15° 15°
Distance Required from Wall Reclined: 22" 23" 25" 26"
Back of Seat to End of Footrest Reclined: 40" 41" 42" 45"
Battery Backup: 9 volt 9 volt 9 volt 9 volt
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs. 375 lbs. 375 lbs. 375 lbs.
Standard Warranty
Chair Frame: Lifetime
Lift Frame: Lifetime
Recline Mechanism: Lifetime
Electrical Parts: 3 years
Mechanical Labor: 3 years
Electrical Labor: 1 year
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Additional Information

Recline Type:
Zero Gravity
Model Series:
Fabric Family:
Easy Living
Fabric Family:
Fabric Family:
Fabric Family:
Fabric Family:
Seat Width:
20" - 21"
Seat Width:
22" - 23"
User Weight:
300 - 375 lbs.
Special Features:
Heat & Massage
Comfort Zones:
Two Zone System
Special Features:
Straight Lift
Special Features:
Pocketed Coil Seat
Special Features:
Zero Gravity
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