• New Era DNE-385-DDA wide shower commode with drop arms
  • New Era DNE-385-DDA wide drop arm shower commode is 26" between arms
  • New DNE-385-DDA wide shower commode with drop arms and optional folding footrest
  • New Era DNE-385-DDA wide drop arm shower commode with optional fold down footrest
  • New Era DNE-385-DDA drop arm wide shower commode optional Slide Out Footrest
  • New Era DNE-385-DDA drop arm shower commode optional Folding Footrest

New Era Wide Shower Commode w/ Drop Arms DNE-385-3TWL-DDA by Mor Medical

Mor Medical | DNE-385-DDA

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Dual drop arms for side transfers ••• Use in shower, over toilet, or bedside ••• 26" between arms ••• Designed for infection control ••• Supports up to 385 lbs. ••• Padded seat with open front ••• Drop arms ••• Footrest and seatbelt available

The seamless infection control patent pending design exclusively by Mor Medical Deluxe on the New Era PVC Shower Commode Chairs is designed for efficient infection control. The structural frame is held in place with high tensile strength stainless steel bolts and the flared leg base provides extra stability. The resting back section comes with vinyl straps to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting between patient use. All components are easily removable to maximize cleaning and disinfecting. Ingenious knock down capacity and user friendly assembly.


  • Double drop arms for side transfers
  • Heavy duty frame is 26" wide between the arms and supports up to 385 lbs.
  • Seamless infection control design
  • Vinyl strap back easier to clean and disinfect
  • Seamless structural frame
  • No problematic fittings and connectors to break or replace
  • No fittings and connectors to fail and potentially cause a patient to fall
  • Deluxe padded seat with an open front cut out is ideal for both male and female
  • Seat includes removable center soft seat insert
  • Removable 7.5 quart commode pail with handle and lid
  • Rolls over standard toilets and ADA approved toilets without pail (see specifications for verification)
  • Mor Medical limited lifetime warranty on frame and 6 months on parts

Key Specs

  • 26" wide between arms
  • Overall width 29.5"
  • Locking 3" swivel casters with 20.5" seat height is standard
  • Maximum weight capacity 385 lbs.

Available Options

  • Slide out footrest extends out for foot support
  • Folding footrest folds down for foot support or up when not needed
  • Locking casters size 3" or 4"
      • 3" casters seat to floor height is 20.5"
      • 4" casters seat to floor height is 21.5"
  • Seat belt

To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-956-6616

  • Use in shower, bedroom or over toilet
  • Drop arms for side transfers
  • PVC frame design for infection control
  • Wider frame provides 26" between arms
  • Padded seat with open front
  • Footrest and seat belt available
  • Holds up to 385 lbs.
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Overall Height: 39.5"
Overall Width: 29.5"
Overall Depth: w/o Footrest: 20.5"
w/ Folding Footrest: 33"
w/ Slide Out Footrest: 29.5"
Seat to Floor Height: 3" Casters: 20.5"
4" Casters: 21.5"
Seat to Arm Height: 7"
Seat Dimensions: 16.75"W x 17"D
Seat Opening: 7"W x 13"D
Width Between Arms: 26"
Under Seat Height: 3" Casters: 16.25"
4" Casters: 17.25"
Under Seat Width: 22"
Casters: Locking 3" Swivel
Locking 4" Swivel
Product Weight: w/o Footrest: 29 lbs.
w/ Footrest: 32 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 385 lbs.
Mor Medical Warranty
Frame: Limited lifetime
Parts: Limited 6 months
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Additional Information

Seat Height:
18" - 20"
Seat Height:
21" - 22"
Seat Width:
17" - 18"
User Weight:
300 - 400 lbs.
Width Btwn Arms:
20" - 22"
Wheel Size:
Wheel Size:
Special Features:
Seat Cut Out
Special Features:
Padded Seat
Special Features:
PVC Frame
Seat Opening Length:
13" - 14"
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