PreserveTech Harmony True Low Air Loss Tri-Therapy System 14200N by Drive


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MSRP: $4,568.90
(You save $2,473.90 )
  • Designed to prevent, treat and heal pressure injuries in the home or long term care setting
  • Advanced, user friendly high-flow digital control unit
  • Offers four therapy cycle times ranging from 5 - 20 minutes, and ten adjustable comfort weight settings for optimal immersion and patient satisfaction
  • High air flow true low air loss system wicks away moisture and humidity providing optimal microclimate control, keeping the patient cool and dry
  • Features three diagnostic audible and visual alarms to alert for issues with air pressure, power or the system
  • 20 individual, 8" deep air cells provide optimal patient comfort and pressure redistribution
  • 2" foam base offers protection in the event of a power outage or system failure
  • Able to accommodate patients up to 550 lbs.
  • Nylon/TPU blend cell material provides a specialty surface that conforms to the specific shape of the patient (immersion), minimizing soft tissue distortion, reducing bone and muscle friction
  • Quick cell disconnects offer convenient servicing and auto firm feature inflates air cells in under two minutes for rapid set up and ease of care giving
  • Removable, quilted four way stretch cover is manufactured with anti-microbial agent and is fluid resistant, low shear and vapor permeable helping protect the skin from friction and moisture
  • Antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the products but do not protect users and others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms
  • Built in cable management with five side mattress loops to keep cables off the floor, reducing tripping hazards
  • Snap fit buckle allows the system to be compactly wrapped for quick and easy storage within the included perfect fit carry bag
  • CPR connector in case of emergency procedures releases the air immediately from the mattress for rapid deflation
  • Tubing quickly and easily disconnects with EZ lock/quick release design
  • Additional clinical and caregiver features include pulsation therapy, auto-firm, micro-processing feedback, lock-out and more!
  • Easy to use, intuitive 1300 LPM blower system with pulsation and alternating pressure for the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcers
  • Comfort setting control based on patient's weight for optimal comfort and therapy
  • Seat inflation feature for added support in the Fowler (raised head) position
  • Alternating pressure cycle time adjustable 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes
  • Visual and audio low pressure, power failure and system failure alarms
  • Pillow feature provides head stability & comfort
  • Handy, durable carrying bag included with each system
  • Mattress size is 36"W x 80"L x 10"H
  • Weight capacity starting at 550 lbs.
  • Drive limited 2 year warranty


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  • True low air loss with pulsation and alternating pressure to prevent and treat pressure ulcers
  • 1300 LPM blower provides dry and cool micro-climate
  • Alternating pressure mode inflates and deflates air cells to redistribute pressure points
  • Pulsation mode helps increase blood circulation
  • Adjust firmness and cycle time for individual comfort
  • Auto firm mode for patient transfers
  • 8" air cells over 2" foam base
  • Fluid resistant, vapor permeable, low shear quilted cover
  • Mattress dimensions: 36"W X 80"L X 10"H
  • Support up to 550 lbs.
Pump Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Control Unit Dimensions: 14.8"L x 6"W x 10.5"H
Control Unit Weight: 12.3 lbs.
Pump Airflow: 1300 LPM
Pressure Range: 15 - 33 mmHg
Fuse: 250 V, 5 A
Pump Type: Blower
Pump Cycle Time: 5, 10, 15, 20 min.
Pressure Comfort: 10 Comfort weight settings
Pump Alarms: Visible/Audible
Low Pressure
Power Failure
System Failure
Mattress Dimensions: 36"W x 80"L x 10"H
Mattress Model: 20 ea, 8"H Air Cells
2"H foam base
Mattress Weight: 22.2 lbs.
Operating Conditions: Temperature: 50° F - 91° F
Relative Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing
Top Cover: Polyester (57%), Polyurethane (43%)
Air Cells: TPU (69%), Nylon (31%)
Base: PVC (50%), Nylon (50%)
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
Limited Warranty: Control Unit: 2 years
Mattress: 2 years