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  • Rhythm Healthcare P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • P2 Battery
  • Optional accessory kit PAK3 includes battery, battery charger and AC adapter
  • Optional external battery charger
  • Optional external battery charger
  • Optional P2 Backpack

Rhythm Healthcare P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Rhythm Healthcare | P2

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93% oxygen concentration ••• Compact, lightweight design weighs only 4.37 lbs. with battery ••• Pulse settings 1 - 5 ••• Operates with AC power, DC car adapter or battery ••• Battery provides up to 4 hours at setting 2 ••• Gives oxygen users greater mobility and independence ••• Meets FAA travel restrictions for air travel •••  Includes AC/DC power cords, carry bag and battery
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Why Rhythm Healthcare's P2 Oxygen Concentrator is a popular choice

The P2 Oxygen Concentrator is prescribed for patients requiring supplemental oxygen. It supplies a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to supply oxygen from the concentrator to the patient.

This small and portable oxygen concentrator is designed for active individuals as it can be used at home and can be taken with you while performing your daily activities. You can also charge the battery in the car which means you don't always need to be by an electrical outlet. Oxygen users get greater mobility and independence.

Atmospheric air is only about 21% oxygen and mostly nitrogen. Oxygen concentrators remove most of the nitrogen from the air to create a 90%+ oxygen concentration. The P2 Oxygen Concentrator, along with it's high-absorption sieve bed, removes even more nitrogen, giving you 93% oxygen concentration! 

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Benefits of the P2 Oxygen Concentrator at a glance

FDA approved

study published in Respiratory Care found that over-the-counter (OTC) portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) only delivered about 25% of the oxygen that prescription POCs did. This means that patients who use OTC POCs may not be getting the oxygen they need to breathe properly. American Discount Home Medical Equipment only sells portable oxygen concentrators that are FDA-approved because we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible care. We require a prescription for each of the concentrators we sell include the P2. 

Other benefits

  • Meets FAA travel restrictions for air travel
  • Compact and lightweight - weighs only 4.37 lbs. with battery
  • High efficiency, low noise and excellent heat dissipation
  • Produces 93% oxygen concentration after 2 minute warm up
  • Simple control functions and easy to read LCD display


  • Provides pulse settings 1 - 5
  • Battery duration up to 4 hours on pulse setting 2
  • Battery charge time up to 4 hours with AC power


  • AC/DC power adapter
  • AC power cord
  • DC car cord
  • Carry case
  • 1 battery
  • Nasal cannula

Optional accessories

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Limited 3 year warranty on concentrator, 1 year warranty on accessories


Why choose Rhythm Healthcare for your oxygen needs?

According to Rhythm Healthcare mission statement on their website, they exist to bring comfort, safety, independence and hope to people that connect with their brand. They accomplish that in their resolve to bring some of the highest quality home medical equipment to the market, all with iron-clad guarantee that affirms their confidence that the materials and workmanship of their products will result in years of dependable service. American Discount Home Medical Equipment is proud to have been selected as one of the distributors. Only those that share the same commitment to their company values enjoy that privilege, so that says a lot about what we bring to you too. You can be sure you're getting the best here. 

To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-956-6616

Physician's Prescription Required
For your convenience, you may have your physician fax the prescription to 800-956-6282
  • 93% oxygen concentration
  • FAA and FDA approved
  • Weighs only 4.37 lbs.
  • Operates with AC power, DC car adapter or battery
  • Battery provides up to 4 hours at setting 2
  • Pulse settings 1 - 5
  • Includes AC/DC power cords, carry bag and battery
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Flow Rate: Pulse Settings 1 - 5
Dimensions: 8.7"L x 3.4"W x 6.3"H
Weight: 4.37 lbs. (w/ battery)
AC Power Supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Rechargeable Battery: 14.4 VDC
Battery Rated Capacity: 6.8 Ah
Max Battery Duration: Pulse Setting 1: 5 hours
Pulse Setting 2: 4 hours
Pulse Setting 3: 3 hours
Pulse Setting 4: 2.25 hours
Pulse Setting 5: 1.8 hours
Battery Charge Time: up to 4 hours with AC
Display Screen: LCD, 2.8"
Warm up Time: 2 minutes
Oxygen Concentration: 87% - 96%
Sound Level: 49 dBA on setting 2
Max Outlet Pressure: 25 PSI
Breathing Frequency: 10 - 40 BPM
Operating Temperature: 41°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C)
10% - 90% RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C)
5% - 90% RH, non-condensing
Operating Altitude: Up to 10,000 ft w/o degradation
Max Tubing Length: 7 ft cannula
Limited Warranty: Concentrator: Limited 3 years
Sieve Bed: 1 year
Battery: 1 year
Accessories: 1 year
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Additional Information

Max Pulse Setting:
Special Features:
Car Adaptor
Special Features:
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