• Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Premier 790 base with 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Shown with optional 6" foundation profile - cannot be used with bed rails
  • Premier Adjustable Bed by Flexabed
  • Premier Adjustable Bed by Flexabed

Premier Adjustable Bed by Flexabed

Flex-A-Bed | 790SET

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Height adjusted with optional leg extensions ••• Optional heavy-duty frame support up to 400 lbs. ••• Optional back & leg massage, under-bed lights, bed rails ••• All mattress sizes available

Flexabed – A name you can trust for adjustable beds at a price that can't be beat!

Adjustable beds, with their flexible base, can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body to provide a variety of benefits.

If you need relief from the symptoms of injury, chronic pain or illness, or you're bed-bound, there's nothing more refreshing than an adjustable bed. You can raise your feet to get pressure off the back, or your head to alleviate snoring and some digestive issues.

Or just put yourself into a comfortable seating position to eat, read or watch TV in bed. For these reasons alone, adjustable beds are now popular choices for any home.

What's better for me? A hospital bed or an adjustable bed? 

Because they're elegant and lack the institutional look, adjustable beds are a great alternative to hospital beds. However, if you need more position adjustments or need a higher weight capacity, then we suggest you choose a hospital bed over an adjustable bed. Hospital beds are also easier to clean and sanitize. 

Why should I choose the Flexabed Premier adjustable bed? 

The Premier is a great mid-range option when you need more than the Value-Flex but not the automated height adjustment of the Hi-Low Flexabed.

Not everyone needs an adjustable bed with adjustable heights like Flex-a-Bed's Hi-Low, and others need something different than an innerspring mattress that only the Value-Flex affords you.

If fixed height is good enough for you, you don't need the extra height for a caregiver, and you want more mattress options, then Flex-a-Bed's Premier adjustable bed might be the perfect option! You still get the same mattress choices, under-bed lights and massage options as the High-Low.  



"Premier 790 Adjustable Bed by Flex-A-Bed
The quality of the bed is extraordinary I am very pleased with my purchase and will continue to do business with American Discount Home Medical Equipment."


Compare the Premier with other Flexabed adjustable beds:

The Hi-Low SL

Has most of the same features and accessories as the Premier adjustable bed except: 

  • Automated hi-low height adjustment. Raise the entire bed height up and down with the touch of a button. 
    The entire height of the Premier can only be raised or lowered either by adding leg extensions or removing casters.

The Value-Flex

The most economical adjustable bed option with these differences:

  • Only available with innerspring mattress (Premier has 6 different mattress choices)
  • Only available with wired hand control (Premier has a choice of wired or wireless hand control)
  • No option to add massage or under-bed lights.

Other Flexabed Premier adjustable bed features:

  • Bed base height can be raised up to 19" with optional leg extensions, or shortened 2" by removing the casters. 
  • Choice of one-touch wireless or wired hand remote which operates independent head and foot adjustments
  • All motors have modular plugs for easy replacement
  • Heavy duty locking casters to prevent unwanted bed movement
  • Mattress retainer cover for the foot of the bed
  • Base & Foundation
    • 2" foundation profile with high density, heavy duty padded base made with 1/2" Advantech© material that will not warp, break or squeak
    • Optional 6" foundation profile has a more luxurious, full look (Note: You cannot use bed rails with this profile.)
    • Welded steel frames - not riveted as with most other frames

What you can expect with every adjustable bed by Flexabed

  • Hand-built with care:
    Every Flex-A-Bed adjustable bed is hand built by expert craftsmen in the USA, using the same principles of care and consideration since 1969.
  • Removable and washable cover for easy maintenance: 
    Flex-a-bed has a removable and washable cover, making it easy to keep the bed clean and hygienic. This is especially important for seniors or those with limited mobility who may spend more time in bed.
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful night's sleep: 
    Flex-a-bed operates quickly with whisper-quiet DC motors powered by Linak, ensuring that users can adjust their bed positions without disturbing their sleeping partners. 
  • Multiple size options to fit any bedroom and every body or bodies: 
    Flex-a-bed comes in a variety of sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and dual king sizes. This means that regardless of the size of your bedroom or your body, there is a Flex-a-bed that will fit. Weight capacity is up to 400 lbs. per bed.
"Great Company. Great Service.
I couldn’t be more pleased with the product but most especially with the patience of Matthew who took time to walk through options with great follow up. White Glove delivery worked well and the delivery company accommodated our crazy schedule!"

Optional Add-Ons

Additional Size Option for Taller Individuals

  • Also available in 84" length

Optional Heavy Duty Bed Frame

  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • 6 legs for extra support
  • Reinforced steel in frame and lift arms for added strength
  • Heavy duty motors for reliable operation

Back & Leg Massage

  • 30-minute timer automatically activated when vibrators are turned on
  • Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes
  • Separate head and foot buttons each with three different modes - pulse, wave and steady massage
  • Head and foot can be operated individually or at the same time
  • Up to 15 different combinations possible when running both at the same time 

Under-Bed Lighting

  • The optional under-bed lighting makes it easier for users to see at night without turning on any bright overhead lights. 

6 Mattress Types to Choose From

Everyone is different, so we have a variety of mattress options to meet the unique needs and budgets of our customers.

  • Deluxe innerspring
  • Low profile
  • Innerspring/memory foam combo
  • Memory foam
  • Gel memory foam
  • Latex foam 

See the "Mattresses" tab (or section below if you're on a phone) for further details on each of these mattress types.

Single or Pair Bed Rails with Optional Cover

  • If you're buying a single, whether you need left or right is determined when laying in bed on back
  • The optional bed rail covers cushion the rails for your comfort and provide a large functional pocket.

Swing-away headboard brackets

  • Available for split king or split queen adjustable beds (extra charge)
  • Great way to swing beds away from headboard (assuming you didn't remove the casters) to clean underneath the bed. 

Manufacturer Resources

Limited Lifetime Warranty

"Because Flexabed builds every bed by hand, we stand behind our product with a great warranty. This warranty covers the entire bed—each and every component and design feature (even the mattress!), without exception."

  • Year 1: Free in-home parts exchange and labor included
  • Years 2+: Repair or service fee of up to $100 plus shipping costs
  • This warranty does not apply to any product subjected to customer misuse, alteration or repaired by an unauthorized representative.

Delivery Options

  • FREE Threshold Delivery includes delivery of box(es) up to the front door of building or garage (no set up)
  • Optional White Glove Delivery includes in-home delivery and set-up and removal of shipping materials
To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-956-6616


About Your Mattress Choices

All Flexabed mattresses feature…

Multi-layered cushion top
Premier adjustable bed mattresses feature a plush, multi-layered, quilted cushion top made with hi-density, polyurethane foam and flame resistant polyester fiber

Non-skid bottom layer
Bottom layers are protected by a non-skid material that prevents the mattress from sliding across the adjustable foundation and provides a flame-resistant barrier

Inner bonded for durability
Entire mattress construction is inner bonded to insure durability and superb tailoring throughout the life of the mattress

Soft, high quality knit fabric complete with suede border and designer taped edges to create an elegant look

All quilted top mattresses (except "Low Profile") are approximately 10.5" high at crown (9.5" high at edge)

6 mattress choices to meet every need: 


The deluxe innerspring mattress

High density, polyurethane comfort layer and innerspring unit available in soft, medium and firm. Innerspring mattresses feature a beautiful knit fabric quilt panel with a tack and jump pattern and suede border with designer taped edges.

Available in soft, medium, and firm options.


The low profile mattress

Reduces the overall height of the bed by 4 inches, making it easier for people with limited mobility to get in and out of bed. It's also great for those who prefer a minimalist style.


The innerspring/memory foam combo mattress

Combines the support of innersprings with the comfort of memory foam. It's great for side and back sleepers, combination sleepers, and hot-natured sleepers, but not ideal for those who prefer a softer mattress type.


The memory foam mattress

Cradles every curve of your body while providing support for joints and pressure points, making it great for side, back, and stomach sleepers under 230 pounds. It may not be the best option for hot-natured sleepers or those who need to move around easily.


The gel memory foam mattress

Creates a cooler sleeping surface, making it perfect for hot-natured sleepers and side sleepers, but may not be the best option for cold-natured sleepers.


The natural latex foam mattress

Provides a soft feel and dynamic support for proper alignment. It's great for those who prefer a firm mattress, have joint pain, or are light sleepers, but may not be the best option for hot-natured sleepers or those who prefer a softer mattress type.

Ultimately, the best mattress for each person depends on their body type, sleep needs, and preferences. Flexabed offers a variety of options to choose from to find the perfect fit and comfort. We're here to help. Use live chat to reach out, or give us a call.

  • Optional back/leg massage, under-bed lights and bed rails
  • Optional leg extensions to raise height
  • Optional 6 mattress types to choose from
  • Optional heavy-duty frame to support up to 400 lbs.
  • Available in twin, full, queen, split-queen and split-king size
  • Lifetime warranty includes 1 year parts and labor
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Actuator Set Construction
The Flex-A-Bed actuator set includes independent head and foot motors, hand control, power control. This system is designed by and used only by Flex-A-Bed. All parts are made and assembled by Flex-A-Bed. The entire mechanical and electrical system is sealed and self lubricating eliminating the need for future maintenance.
Frame Construction
The Flex-A-Bed frame is constructed of heavy angle iron and tubing. The frame is welded in all stationary areas. Attached to the steel frame is a 1/2" thick Advantech platform which is hinged in three areas to create the contouring foundation of the bed. At Flex-A-Bed we begin with the very best quality raw materials. From truck loads of steel we form the parts, weld the assemblies and paint our own patented articulating frame.
Standard Dimensions
Twin XL: 38" x 80"
Full XL: 53" x 80"
Queen: 60" x 80"
Split Queen*: 30" x 80" each (x2)
Split King*: 38" x 80" each (x2)
Bed Height: 22" (w/ casters)
Base Height: 12" (w/ casters)
Under Bed Clearance: 3" (w/ casters)
Casters: 2"
Standard Adjustable Base Weight**
Twin XL: 130 lbs.
Full XL: 160 lbs.
Queen: 170 lbs.
Split Queen*: 130 lbs. each (x2)
Split King*: 130 lbs. each (x2)
Standard Mattress Weight
Twin XL: 60 lbs.
Full XL: 90 lbs.
Queen: 100 lbs.
Split Queen*: 60 lbs. each (x2)
Split King*: 60 lbs. each (x2)
User Weight Capacity
Standard: 300 lbs. per bed
Heavy Duty: 400 lbs. per bed
*Two Twin XL beds placed together
**Mattress weight not included
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Years 1-2: Free In-Home Parts Exchange and Labor Included
Years 2+: Repair or service fee of up to $100 plus shipping costs
This warranty does not apply to any product subjected to customer misuse, alteration or repaired by an unauthorized representative.
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Additional Information

User Weight:
Up to 300 lbs.
User Weight:
300 - 400 lbs.
Special Features:
Mattress Option
Delivery Option:
White Glove Set Up
Special Features:
Massage Option
Bed Width:
Twin XL
Bed Width:
Full XL
Bed Width:
Bed Width:
Split King
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